As heard on Philly’s Praise 107.9, Ask The Preacher’s Wife Blog explores all of those issues that you just can’t ask the preacher. Let’s talk faith, fashion, relationships, existing while Black and why you just can’t eat from the Tupperware bowl with the flowers at the church dinner.


About The Preacher’s Wife



Well…here we are! Actually, here you are! And I really do appreciate you stopping by. So, plan on staying awhile. 

Yep, that’s me and my husband aka The Preacher in the picture above. And our facial expressions perfectly capture our dynamic. What are we doing? Well, he was determined to find out if he could successfully fit underneath the brim of my hat. And I was looking around to see if anyone else was observing the shenanigans! Sighs…it never ends. LOL! We have a great time together, but marriage is not for the faint of heart (I know…you’ve probably heard that phrase a million times).


You may know me from The Preacher’s Wife segment from Your Voice with Solomon Jones on Philly’s Praise 107.9.  You do? Great!  If not, keep reading. 

My cousin, the renown author, journalist, and radio host, Solomon Jones, allowed me to join him every Wednesday for a segment called Ask The Preacher’s Wife.  And my oh my did we have a blast on a weekly basis.   From conversations about Church Dating to Church Dinner Rules, we discussed it all.  And let’s not forget all of the conversations about the Usher Board who serve as the Information hub for the black church.

Solomon has since moved from Philly’s Praise 109.7 and is the morning host on 900 AM WURD, Wake Up With WURD show. He will continue to discuss all things…well…all things Black. Download the WURD app to listen to Wake Up With WURD, or connect with Solomon on Facebook, Twitter or at And make sure you listen to WURD on Wednesday’s at 9:00AM for my rebranded segment Ask Melanie.

But as for The Preacher’s Wife, here I am… as bold as I want to be!

Now listen, I LOVE Jesus! I also love Black people, Black culture, Black Church culture, Black food, Black mental health, Black fashion, Black clothes, Black hair, Black lipstick, Black shoes, hey…the color black in general, etc., and I plan to talk about all of that right here! My hope is that through it all, you can see Jesus through me!

*Insert Praise Break*

So, as you journey with me through my life as a Christ-follower, Black educator and scholar (y’all…I’ve been working on the Ph.D. since Jesus entered Jerusalem), Black Woman, and as a Preacher’s Wife, be prepared to laugh, nod in agreement, disagree respectfully, and grow together in unity!

Are you ready to take a stroll around the site? I’m hoping you said “YASSSSSSSSS”. Here are a few posts to get you started:

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Peace and Love

Lady Mel

Melanie Bryant-Hearst, MSW aka Lady Mel, is a doctoral candidate at Widener University. She is adjunct faculty at Rutgers University. She is married to Rev. Dr. Stanley Hearst, II, Pastor of Mt. Pisgah AME Church in Jersey City, NJ.